DVD Production

Anne Cline Live DVD

Anne Cline Live was a DVD released just for her merch in 2009, compiled with various live footage of her originals and a few covers. All the footage and photography was shot and edited by me and cover artwork, animation and DVD production was my design as well.

I used a combination of Photoshop CS3, Sony Vegas, and Vegas  DVD to have the finished product.

Are you interested in have something similar produced? If so contact me, or visit Rokpad.com Here are a few videos from the DVD, click on the thumbnails to play.

Wedding Video Production

Over the years I’ve done some wedding video production, just  here and there but recently I’ve had alot more requests than usual so I decided to expand my business and create a wedding page that takes care of Wedding Video Production exclusively.

Aronfield Weddings.

Aronfield Weddings is a full-service production company, providing professional video production services for your special day. We’re located in Beckley, and cover Southern West Virginia and surrounding areas. Contact us for availability. Call: 304-207-0037


Festival Outlaws is a local country and OMB artists segment in the upcoming ROKPAD VIDEO MAGAZINE,  in conjunction with Rokpad Entertainment. This was a conceptual Demo DVD based on the future ROKPAD VIDEO MAGAZINE (2011).  Which covers a very wide variety of styles, from rock, rap to acoustic and since there are is a large amount of underground country and OMB artists out there, I dedicated a segment just for it, called: “Festival Outlaws”.


DEMO DVD includes all my videography work, editing and design.  Artsts include;

J Marinelli
Scott H. Biram
Hank III
Those Poor Bastards
Seraph Stray
Slackeye Slim
Joey Allcorn
Diggity Dave
Slate Dump
Anne Cline


All the footage with-in this video I filmed, edited, with the exception on a few snap-clips from TV. If you were wondering, the photos in the beginning are a compilation of music related fliers, friends and events within the past years (2006-2009). The DVD stars; theNephew and theBrother (Jole Aron), as they travel the road to show you some of our areas untapped talent.

This DVD was created for DEMO use only, contributing toward the future “ROKPAD VIDEO MAGAZINE.” (2011) But if your into country, stay tuned, because the “FESTIVAL OUTLAWS” will be a segment included on the ROKPAD DVD.