Welcome to my Blog

Hey everyone, this is my personal blog where I post updates on the work I’m currently involved in, so check it out and let me know what you think. I’m always working on exciting projects, so stay tuned.

I specialize in web development, graphic design and video production. I’ve been into graphic design and video production for over 10 years, my two passions, video and design. I’m always learning new things, love to teach others via leading by example and I enjoy taking on new challenges. If you’d like to contact me, click the contact button.
Thanks for reading.


I enjoy Life.
Absolutely have the NEED to do more and see more 24/7. Some say I do too much.. but I dont think I’m doing enough.
Love 90% of all music ever. (alot,I know). Music keeps me going.
I own a advertising business where I help people become successful via marketing with design,video etc.
Love random quotes.
Comedy is #1, I can always find humor in everything.
I spend most of my time writing about everything and nothing, some scripts, to do lists (that mostly get done) and whatever else is on my mind.
I’ve worked in many fields, learned lots of trades and have tons of interests ….a little more than the average bear.
I’ve seen myself on both ends of the spectrum.. I know whats its like to have everything and to have nothing.
I’m thankful I can take a step aside and look at my life from another point of view when needed.
Family and Friends are everything, keep them close.
I’m easy to get along with, have lots of friends, can hang with most anybody.
Love to get out, or stay in, whatever.
Oh I love movies too, I’m usually there wasting my money a few times a month.
I am too spontaneous at times.
Take too many pictures.
Love my alone time.
Love to travel, want to see the world.
Learn more languages (i know a little french.)
I try to think positive, I rarely get mad or upset.
I’ve already said “I”, “I’m”, and “love” too much in this paragraph, I’ll keep going.
I’m picky, but I make good choices.
At times I’m quite but always thinking.
I have helped alot of people and I enjoy doing so, in business, music, video, design, friends and family.
If you want to know more just ask :P

Live to learn and laugh, share life experiences, and create new ones. See and learn something new everyday, don’t judge people until you have judged yourself. Don’t be afraid of getting out in the world, talk to people, take chances.
-Jole Aron


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