LIFE IN 2014 – By Jole Aron

LIFE IN 2014 – By Jole Aron from Jole Aron on Vimeo.



Here’s my annual “Life in [year]” short film. Each year I compile all the video I shoot (that I’m allowed to use) and make it awesome! I have more and more video to go through each year from vlogs, work, friends, family, etc. I enjoy editing these little short films.

Enjoy a glimpse into my Life in 2014. :)
Eat. Design. Sleep. Repeat.

Location/Event descriptions in this video…
I wasn’t really looking to list all the locations and events seen in this video, but here I’ll give it a try. (In no particular order.) (Charleston, Beckley, Lewisburg, Fayetteville, Hinton, and Sandstone of West Virginia), Festivall, Bridge Day, Rail Road Days, PoorFarm Fest, Badlands Bluegrass, Lost World Caverns, Beartown State Park, Polar Plunge, Chilli Night, Autumn Blair – Live on the Levee and much more… Also to note the video clips in this video are (mostly) in chronological order.

Notes for 2014…
This year went by so fast, I can’t believe how time marches on whether you’re ready for it or not. I’m thankful for everything I’m involved in with work, and thankful for all my friends, family and coworkers that have made my life so fun and full of happiness. Sounds sappy? Yeah, that’s because it’s true. Real life can be sappy guys. :P

About my work…
This is my vlog channel, check out my other channels for professional work. If you’d like to see some of the things I work on, businesses, etc. — Check out my Marketing business Aronfield Studios here: and here: | And for Spotlight WV and Taste WV Magazine info, see here: , here: and here:

Memories living on…
I started out making this for myself, and I will keep creating them as I feel the need for it. I’m glad so many people have given me such positive feedback from previous videos. It’s weird to look back and your whole year and see it in such a fast glimpse. What a stranger may see as a quick image, I see a whole day of events I almost forgot about.

My New Year’s Resolutions…
Watch more movies, diet and vlog more! (My Diet Vlog is already underway.)

I believe “Life in 2012″ was my favorite one so far, other than this one. I try and find music that I like and that fits for the pace of the film I want. I usually spend more time finding the right music than editing the video, ha!

Cameras used: Casio Digital Camera, Canon 7D, Dash Cam. I believe that’s it…

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