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LIFE IN 2012 – Video By Jole Aron

“2012 has been a great year, this video sums it up. So much going on, staying focused on my business goals but always making time to have fun. I tried to compress the year as much as possible, and 6 minutes was the minimum. Enjoy the randomness that is my life and have a Happy New Year!” – Jole Aron


Hand Drawn T-Shirt Design – MUSIC KEEPS ME GOING

This isn’t something I’m used to doing at all, but I was reading a few articles that made me interested in trying it out for myself, using “Magic Markers.” Yes, Sharpies, that’s right, and it hasn’t bled yet. (Must Dry First) Here’s a photo of my progress and finished work for a test shirt for ROKPAD Entertainment.

I used an old Calvin Cline dress shirt that I’ve never worn to test it out, but it turned out so much better that I had thought. Although time consuming, (this simple design took me a couple hours from setup to finish) I like the end result. Not something I will be going into business with, but it was a fun art project that was rewarding once finished.

Try it out.




Music to Keep you going:
Pretty Lights – Toxic  –
Pretty Lights – Still Night  –