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Affleck as the new Batman – Marketing Genius

Sure it may seem a bit of a shock to chose Ben Affleck to be the new Batman for the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman (2015), but let’s think about this objectively. For the many people who aren’t film buffs you may not be aware of the idea that Ben Affleck was eyed to direct an upcoming Justice League film, but it was scratched for the time being to build up the characters like Marvel has done so well for the Avengers. This could have been one reason he was even being consider in the fist place. Right place, right time.

Let’s take a step back to go over what this blog is about. After reading joke after joke about¬†Daredevil (2003) and Gigli (2003), I decided to share my positive views on Affleck stepping in the Batman boots. You have to realize Ben has come along way and he deserves a bit more credit, but his flops seem to keep haunting him along his career. Maybe 2003 was just not his year. As an actor, Affleck clearly has nothing more to prove, just watch The Town (2010) or Argo (2012), but perhaps he’s proven himself to other crowds, and now that he’s getting back into the Superhero sphere he’ll be proving himself all over again, which I think he’ll do quite well considering DC is using this as a platform to compete with the Avengers 2 and Star Wars VII.

If you think about it, it was a genius marketing ploy. “Let’s think, who could pass for Batman in the biggest DC film hit of all time and be controversy enough to makes the fans and everyday film goers go nuts, good or bad, vlog, blog and make a million memes and fill up the Reddit boards.”¬† Well they did just that and more, not only was Ben Affleck a world trending topic on Twitter, but there were several hastags relating to Affleck as Batman also trending world wide. Ben Affleck has dominated the internet, well for this Friday at least. Kudos.

And now for Affleck funnies.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good joke, you just have to wonder how many people are serious about hating on Affleck or they’re just goofing to add to the mix. Speaking, I made this video below and all in good fun. I can’t wait to see where he takes the character. Zack Snyder will do just the film justice with Affleck as Batman, I know it will be top notch.