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Sill on my Bond kick, More Skyfall Posters for

From my recent blog you can see I’ve been on a Bond kick, designing fan posters for various Fan sites, not my usual day at work, but a nice change of pace for fun. This collection is my third installment of “Skyfall” Posters for the latest 23rd Bond film, which are all essentially the same poster, only each one is translated in various languages including; Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, and Arabic.  I also setup a website to showcase these international Skyfall Posters. Check them out, it’s something different you don’t get to see very often. Enjoy!

skyfall promotional poster - james bond 007

SKYFALL Fan Artwork for the upcoming 23rd James Bond Film.

The title of the 23rd Bond Film was announced the other day, so I decided to design a Fan Poster for the Film. “SKYFALL” is the name of the film. “Skyfall,” even though isn’t even in production yet, is scheduled to be released in the month of November 2012 in the US.

I started with the teaser poster (see bottom of page), and ended up liking the second one best. What do you think?

Skyfall bond 23 film Daniel Craig

"Skyfall" Poster - November 2012

My fascination with Bond:
I’ve been a huge fan of all the Bond films, ever since I was little. I remember sneaking up at night to watch Roger Moore as James Bond, haha. I’m a fan of all the films and the Bonds, official and unofficial films. I’m a real Bond geek for sure. I would love to be apart of a James Bond film one day, it’s on the list.

Breakdown of Bonds:
James Bond 007

All the actors who portrayed James Bond in official Eon films in order, from top left to bottom right: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Learn the history of James Bond 007.

Heres the article on Skyfall from the Huffington Post.

Recent Article. Production Underway.

Add the Official James Bond 007 Facebook page for video clips and on the fly news.


Skyfall - James Bond Movie - Bond 23 - Film Poster - November 2012

"Skyfall" Wallpaper - November 2012 (Teaser)