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Tribute to Andy Griffith

For generations he entertained millions of families in front of their Television sets, sending positive messages while making us laugh at the same time. As a child I watched what seemed like every episode of the Andy Griffith Show, yet when I sit down to watch it now, it seems like it’s the first time seeing it all over again.

I was a fan of his show Matlock as well, bringing his old fashioned,¬†witty humor to crime scenes, murder mysteries and the court room. I was like most the new generations, having only seen Andy Griffith as a Sheriff and a Lawyer. I’m very interested in going back and checking out his earlier work, and after seeing his impressive list on IMDB you can’t deny he had a wonderful carrier, full of great Films, TV and Theatre.

I’m thankful that I was brought up watching a show like this, of course I was exposed to just about everything a kid was allowed to watch, but Andy always made you feel at home and you could really learn a thing or two, like it or not TV shapes millions of households. Kids pickup of how people treat one another by watching TV, It’s so awful to think what’s on TV now compared to a couple generations ago. TV Land it is!

I’m going to include a few video clips, some rare ones, hopefully they’ll be up for a while, Enjoy!


Andy Griffith-What’s My Line
“The first of four mystery guest appearances by Andy Griffith between 1958-1967. This episode originally aired on 22 June 1958.”

Andy Griffith sings TV Show Theme Song

The Andy Griffith Show – pilot part1

The Andy Griffith Show – pilot part 2