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My Travels | Chicago, NYC and Vegas!

I’ve never really got to stay in Chicago for very long, always just traveling though, very busy, lots of sights, overall a nice place, I think it’s very different from anywhere else. It seems so odd how the communities and the city are side by side, yet neither cross over. It looked like some kind of illustration showing the housing and the businesses. It was very surreal.

I took the picture of the seagull there and it was by freak accident that it decided to take flight when I snapped the shot, that’s why I’ve always liked it. It was actually resting on the banister, and I was creeping my way up to it to get a good, up-close shot. It actually blown up on my wall.

The sears tower is a few blocks from where I’m standing here, and I kept forgetting to see the sites. It’s always the food with me, love to try new stuff. Especially the all “famous” food from the area, but I didn’t eat nearly enough, I’ll be back.

Went to NY early Arpil 2009, was kind of chilly at the time, and it was a lot to take in, but I loved it. You know what was first on my list when I went to NYC.. THE FOOOOOD! And I wish I could have ate more. lol. I had some amazing pizza and I can’t remember the name of the place, I was just in awe apparently. Oh the the kicker for me was having some Blueberry New York Cheesecake, oh yeah. My new favorite.

There are so many other places I’d like to see the next time I go back, I’ll need a list and a GPS, lol.

My Vegas was just too much to explain in such a small blog. I got to do a lot of the iconic things I’ve always thought of, silly things really, like having my picture taken in front of the Nevada sign, compare Ocean’s Elevens’ portaged Vegas experience. lol. One thing is for sure, Vegas was totally different from anything I’ve ever watched on video anywhere. An experience you must have once in your life, if not more. There was just way toooo much to do, so many things going on, and you have to watch or you’ll go broke before you get two blocks town the strip, lol. I stayed at the Golden Nugget. I had only seen random advertisements of them online, the full body ADs they bought from people on EBAY, very funny. So I didn’t know if it was a good hotel of not, but it was amazing hotel, very, very nice. I wanted to gamble, but I wanted to think about it for a bit, because I’ve never gambled in the big games, only watched from the comfort of my home, lol. So I actually watched and studied for a few nights before I placed any bets, then I played, did well, lost a little, did very well, then lost again, lol. But It did manage to pay for most of my meals and wot nots.

So I did try a lot of food here too, odd stuff to me, didn’t realize deep fried Oreos and Twinkies are such a common thing, but they are, lol. Not bad either, tastes good, you can just feel your arteries clogging, lol. And of course everything’s so expensive there, but whatever it is, if you walk a block you find it much cheaper, it’s almost comical.

Well the one day, I was heading back to the hotel from a long day of getting lost on the strip.. I ran into Turk from Scrubs (Donald Faison) while he was playing Blackjack, and I stopped him and shook his hand, wait I think it was more like, “Oooh Myyyy Gaaaa” (as I went to put my hand out to shake) I just didn’t know what to say, so I shook his hand, said nice to meet you then walked off and went up to my room, then I was like.. wait…. I DIDN’T TAKE A PICTURE?? WHAA, so I walk back down (ok, ran) back to the Casio floor and caught up with him, got my photo which was taken by his friend or girl friend, not sure. And I didn’t realize he was there for a shoot. The pilot for a CBS show called “The Odds”, which is a comedy, action, thrill or some sort. Any who, I got to hang out around the shoot and got to be an extra in the background (if they don’t cut that part.) All and all I had a great time, (except for the plane rides) and I’d love to go back. (via-road trip, jk)