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Anne Cline Live DVD

Anne Cline Live was a DVD released just for her merch in 2009, compiled with various live footage of her originals and a few covers. All the footage and photography was shot and edited by me and cover artwork, animation and DVD production was my design as well.

I used a combination of Photoshop CS3, Sony Vegas, and Vegas  DVD to have the finished product.

Are you interested in have something similar produced? If so contact me, or visit Here are a few videos from the DVD, click on the thumbnails to play.

“To Be With You” Music Video

A different way to shoot a Music video, it was made from mostly Live footage.

John Tzu “Calculus”

This is a still shot from a music video demo I made, starring John Tzu “The Acidic Jew” -¬† “Calculus” (2008)

Anne Cline Promo Material

To have your own promo work, contact me or go to

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