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Daylight Savings Time Today. It’s Time to Blog (Business & Personal)


To update you on life, I’m doing well and staying busy as usual. This past year (2011) I’ve stayed indoors more that I usually do, so I’ve been brushing up on new marketing techniques, web design, video production, motion graphics and graphic design. Oh and I’ve been spending some time blogging on Men’s Room Magazine, posting new music on Rokpad and a West Virginia Online Magazine as well. I’m going to list a few things here in detail because I’m so scatterbrained and I need to organize my thoughts into categories. =P

Web Development + Graphic Design + SEO + Video Production + Visual Effects + Motion Graphics + Social Media + Blogging = My Life.
At least I didn’t have to do that much PC repair last year… (I’ve been hiding, haha)


I’ve taken on a large number of websites in the past year (which is a great thing) but I’m racking my brain and straining my eyes by staying on the computer too long. I’m usually out doing sales for my business but this year it’s been mostly done from home and through referral work. I enjoy my work, and I’m thankful to be doing what I enjoy. I’m currently managing over 150 websites, not all of them are clients, 75% of them are clients, the other 25% are my businesses, side projects and hobbies. This year I’m going to be focused on print media and video production more and I’ll be having some assistance with web projects. I have a few close friends that help me here and there on projects, from web, video, design and marketing, but I’ll be hiring my first official part-time/full-time employee soon.

I recently had a competitor go out of business, which gave me some new clients, but made me rethink how I manage some of my client content online. They were all struggling to obtain their original web domain name and for some it was lost for good. (expired domain, too pricey to buy back now) In these cases, nobody wins, a business goes out of business and their clients suffer from their mistakes of mismanaging their content. FORTUNATELY, I was able to obtain control of some of the clients original domain names (via who-is search and rescue…) and even had a way to see what their site looked like to be able re-build their website. (Thanks Wayback Machine) So that was pretty exciting for me to be able to help out some of the local businesses. I enjoyed going the extra mile.

An update on Rokpad, I had originally started it to be Magazine, (locally here in WV, which wasn’t the best idea seeing that I may not be going after the right crowd). I had even began compiling a videos I had shot of local musician’s and I would showcase them on the DVD that would be for free at local stores. It wasn’t a bad idea, but I think Rokpad can be developed into something bigger if I put more effort into it. As for local music, I did launch another site for local musicians, which is doing well and I’m happy with, but with Rokpad, I completely re-designed and it will showcase indie artists from all around the world, focusing on featuring new artists and sharing music videos. The online magazine “Rokpad Entertainment” will also offer Artists services, from music videos, flier designs, to Electronic Press Kits. So I’m excited to see what it’s going to develop into as the months go by.

SEO MAGIC – GETTING ON TOP & STAYING ON TOP (two completely different things)

Most people into SEO have no idea what’s going on and just when you think you’ve gotten it all under control, your highly underestimating how the internet works. There isn’t just one or two “TRICKS” that will get you on top of a competitive Google search listing, it takes hard work, sometime a full time job, or possibly a team of people working full time. WHAT THE CRAP!, you say? Now don’t get me wrong, if there is a small market for your business/website then perhaps your efforts could be cut into small fractions compared to popular search listings.

Crazy thing is, SEO techniques change or have variables considering everything going online, which could change drastically at any moment. For an example, you may have been trying to get to the top of a search engine for a specific keyword, then you finally made it, and you think all your hard work has paid off. Then BAM, theres a new ad campaign on TV or web, or new social media trending topic and your squashed like a bug, kicked off of your front page, being farther back than you were before. Well, don’t let this discourage you, it’s business and staying on top of the “next big thing” (new technologies) will help you keep your SEO status or stand a fighting chance. Well that’s enough of my ranting on about boring ol’ SEO. (PS: I was being vague for a reason, can’t give away all your chips if your still in the game)

Oh and if you’re wondering, the Bugs Bunny Ad is an old car Oil Ad, not sure of the era. I’ve always been a fan of Bugs Bunny, more cartoons should be more like the old Looney Toons episodes, instead of sucking like everything on TV. I do like Family guy, but I was talking about shows for kids, they shouldn’t be watching Mature junk on TV, messes them up. (oops, got off topic)


Like I said before, I’ve been indoors mostly for the past year so I haven’t had my hand into any new video productions, but I have been brushing up on Motion Graphics and I made a few videos for my businesses (you can find them here, My next few videos I’m preparing to produce are West Virginia related, which I’m excited to do, showcasing downtown Charleston, WV and I’ll be using some simple camera tricks that will look amazing with the Mountain views, so I can’t wait for that. I may be producing DVDs for this as well, not sure yet, the project is in it’s early stages at the moment. A far as the future, I’m really looking forward to producing more Commercials (comedy) and Music Videos in the next few months to come. So stay tuned and I’ll be posting them on here as well. On a side note, my heart is really into Film, but I’m tied down at the moment on so many projects (which I love, don’t get me wrong) but I’m seriously considering taking a break once I have a few more projects in order to work on my unfinished scripts. I’d love to direct, have partial in editing, and even have a cameo in a film. It’s on my TO DO list, I’ll make it happen. Oh and I do have a hand in an upcoming Film Festival, a first of it’s kind and hopefully it will be getting off the ground soon.


Well that’s about it…. No, I’m managing around 20 Facebook and Twitter Accounts and keeping them current is a full time job of it’s own. As a matter of fact, everything that I’ve listed above is a full time job of it’s own!!! No wonder I’ve had no life this past year. (and not to mention I gained 50 pounds in the process, thank god it’s almost summer now) I’m not going to rattle on about anything specific on this because it’s a matter of privacy, but I do spend quite some time on Facebook. Blah. It’s it weren’t for my business, I’d delete my account and never look back. (I’m lying, I can’t stay away for an hour without updating my status or stalking yours, haha)

No, seriously, I can’t even imagine what it used to be like without Social Media….Even before Facebook, Myspace was the dominate one, and before that I had real friends…. HA. I often watch Three’s Company (TV Show in the 70’s) and I try and remember a time where you weren’t on a digital leash, or a slave to social media. This took generations to happen though, if you were to say “hey, theres a new place where you can post everything your doing, thinking of doing or would like to do and share it with your friends and some people that you met, that one time in passing, but you’d sort of call them a friend, want to try?” They would probably punch you in the face, which is what I love about the “simpler times.”

Overall, yes, I’m more introverted, posting about things going on, reading about what others are doing, posting what I’m thinking…. It’s insanity.. so I have no time to actually DO ANYTHING! HAHAHA.. Sad, but so true. (Social Media Managers know what I’m talking about) To be clear, I learn a lot everyday and I work hard at every thing I put my mind to do, and that is all for this segment.


I’m a techie, designer, videographer, editor, then I step into the realm of being an entrepreneur, but what I am not amazing at is blogging, my grammar is horrible, I’m just not a pro at this, but I’m working on it. That’s why I’m writing more, this long @$$ blog for example. I just don’t write that much and I’m not in my comfort zone when writing to the public, but this is why I’m working on it. You can’t get any better at anything if you don’t step outside your comfort zone. So please excuse me if the wording, spelling and the overall blog sucks. I’m the learning process and I’m not ashamed to share it with the world. I’m great at a lot of things, I’m very blessed in many ways, but I suck at writing in general, no one is perfect, first step is admitting it, next step is taking control of the situation! HAHA (joking, but serious) I got A’s in School and in College (way back when) in Language,Writing, Creative Writing, etc, but I proofread like crazy. Writing for blogs seems like a different ballgame, but it really isn’t at all. I’m used to printing everything out and analyzing it on paper. (Which isn’t a bad idea for big projects, client work, etc) I’ve printed out several websites, designs, and articles I’ve written to take it with me and studied it. Practice makes perfect, nothing more true about that saying.


Mostly I’ve been working, I do try and get out when I can, have fun, etc. Me and sweetie go to the movies a few times a month and I try and stay current on what good / what sucks, but it’s difficult when there are so many films in and out of the theater in one month and that’s not including independent films that never make it that far. I’m a movie buff for sure, and I have way too many DVDs, and I haven’t even started on a BlueRay kick yet.. (I was hoping is was a phase, like HD DVDs.. etc) Some of my favorite movies where the Marvel flicks, Thor, Captain America and I can’t wait for THE AVENGERS! Also the new Spider-Man movie looks good, even though I didn’t think I’d be a fan because it hasn’t been that long since Toby played the Character.

If I don’t get to watch it in the theater, then I’m all about RedBox and the occasional Blockbuster… BTW, I like buying indie movies from Blockbuster after that have an overstock of DVDs… Great way to save a buck if your into film in general. So many of my nights are spent watching random movies while the puppy cuddles up to her Smurf stuffed animals. That puppy is so spoiled it’s ridiculous… I’m moving on..

I don’t play video games that much, I like the occasional Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and we did just bought a Wii last Christmas. I really wanted to play the new version of GoldenEye, which I somehow thought it would be 10% as cool as the original Nintendo 64 version that I, myself and so many others were addicted to for so many years and I was HUGELY MISTAKEN. Oh well, good try guys, but keep trying please. We got a few other games including, a few Mario games, and Donkey Kong Returns which is fun. I was (still am) a huge fan of the old Donkey Kong Country games for SNES. I am very good at video games, I went out a legend in my own time, haha. I just decided I couldn’t accomplish my goals by playing so many games all the time, so I had to cut back for a while. (it’s a good thing)


I don’t really have any bad habits except for eating crappy foods and too much of it. I hardly ever drink anything else but Soda (Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke).  Every day I try and catch Family Feud, dunno why I love that show so much, haha. My favorite channels are ABC, NBC, (FOX sometimes), History, Tru TV and TV Land. So to be clear, that’s Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, SNL, Conan (not as much as I used to watch), Family Guy (I watch that on Hulu), Shark Tank (MY FAVORITE SHOW), Alcatraz (AWESOME SHOW – it replaced my LOST fix), Pawn Stars, Operation Repo, Lizard Lick Towing, The Exes (I think it got cancelled), and reruns of Home Improvement, Friends, The Nanny, Rosanne, Three’s Company, Full House and Family Matters. Also I’m a fan of The Voice and America’s Got Talent, and my Girlfriend makes me watch Dancing with the Stars, no seriously, I mean it. I’m not lying here..

So with my long list of shows that I watch on TV (surprising to me, because I didn’t list how many movies I watch), you’d think I’d have plenty of time to exercise during these shows. Writing this out makes me rethink some things, you see I’m not doing nothing during these shows, but not always the best thing either. I’m either writing, working on design/programming (watching hulu or movies), eating lunch during Family Feud and the DVR recording of last nights Jimmy Fallon, or I’m in bed trying to fall asleep for HOURS AND HOURS… Which is where I watch the most TV, just to be clear.

So anywho, I need to start (and follow through with) better habits, like exercising, eating better, keeping track of your productivity. I have to go that extra mile on the productivity, especially being your own boss. It’s not that easy to stay motivated 24/7, so you have to find creative ways to push yourself to be a better person everyday.

About Dieting, I’m thinking about doing a Vlog to help motivate myself to reach my goals because it’s easy to forget them unless you remind yourself. And seeing it in a video may just do the trick to keep myself on track. You can check up on me , heres my youtube account.


After reading this blog, if you somehow have gotten this far, you’ll should see a little glimpse of what I’m thinking about every second of every day (which is probably why I can’t sleep). If you are one of these people who just can’t turn off your brain and you struggle to sleep or crash from time to time from doing too much then first I applaud you and second, you need help! Ha. No, it’s good to keep busy, especially if your doing something you love or have an interest in doing, just make sure you come out ahead at the end of the line. If I could give any advice, it would be to know your goals and keep yourself in check. Keep your goals clear and insight, EVERYDAY. Keep pushing forward, NO MATTER WHAT THE RESISTANCE. And always remember to stop and smell the flowers, (for me this means, keep in mind why you have goals in the first place, be happy).

I’m out for now, you can reach me on my Facebook or Twitter. or

Current Websites I’m Designing 9/13/10 (Website for musicians and music lovers alike, site geared toward promoting unsigned artists) (Musician Personal Website) (Musician Personal Website) (News site geared toward promoting local businesses in West Virginia)